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Project Mission

Manav wanted a vibrant and inclusive online space that reflected the essence of their LGBT NGO.

What We Did

Smart Clouds elevated Manav’s online presence with a cutting-edge, responsive website, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality. Empowering Manav with easy content management, our team crafted a dynamic platform for sharing news, videos, articles, conversations, reports, etc.

About Manav

Step into the vibrant world of Manav’s empowering digital hub, expertly crafted by the Smart Clouds team. The first page welcomes you with a seamless blend of captivating visuals and intuitive design, offering a user-friendly experience that effortlessly showcases the latest news, impactful videos, thought-provoking articles, engaging conversations, and insightful reports. Navigating this responsive platform is a joy, providing an inclusive space where the diversity of voices within the LGBT community shines.