Simorgh(Iranian Queer Community)

Simorgh is an inclusive organization advocating for Iranian and Afghani LGBTQ+ rights globally, organizing pride parades, and engaging with political and social entities to amplify the revolutionary voice of the community.

Project Mission

Simorgh sought a dynamic digital sanctuary to enlighten and safeguard its community. A website mirroring their unique identity while fostering unity and fostering growth.

What We Did

The Smart Clouds team delivered a fully responsive website that combined attractive design with user-friendly functionality. This website provides a visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate platform for displaying the diverse activities of the Iranian queer community.

About Simorgh

Embodying the vibrant spirit of the Iranian queer community, the Simorgh website’s home page stands as a testament to inclusivity. Our design seamlessly intertwines a visually engaging interface with intuitive navigation, offering a welcoming space for news, events, and pride parades. Through thoughtful construction, we’ve crafted a platform that not only showcases the diversity and accomplishments of the community but also fosters a sense of unity and pride.